Self-care, looking inwards, techniques for emotional healing and empowerment include reflection, decluttering and a deeper connection with self. This memoir takes you a woman’s journey of coping with traumatic experiences by letting go, finding balance, healing and feelings of empowerment and freedom. 


I feel like I’ve been misunderstood ever since the day my mother took her life. Actually, it started before that. I was misunderstood by my mother, who had no idea why my grades were starting to fail, why I began to rebel, or why I seemed so angry at her at times. I’m sure she felt I was being ugly for no reason, but I know this was not the case. 

I know I played a role in a lot of areas like my mother’s life, but I can now see how I was unjustified in totally blaming myself for her suicide. I strongly believed and felt it was my fault, but the truth has shown me a bigger picture. 


Truth is effective in a very positive way. Try telling the truth, no matter what the next person may think of you, including family members ... get it out! It will only strengthen you and help you in ways you’ve never known. I am able to tell you this, because of the positive personal effects I am experiencing right now. 


Blind: The Sequel to Trauma - Based on a True Story

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