Sometimes we look for ways out and sometimes the way out looks for us. The ‘easiest’ way out is the most devastating! There is no ‘easy’ way out of things we suffer inside. The true way out requires work, and going through. 


How did I fall in love with this person that brought destruction to my life. I should have run in the other direction with my schoolbooks in my arms on that day. Even though it was not her home she let me come in. Everybody in town knew he was taking me through hell.


I needed peace; I needed peace so bad. I slept on her bedroom floor that night. I didn’t care nor did I want to get into a bed. If I had to sleep in a lion’s den and if there was peace there, then that’s the place I wanted to be - floor; roof; shelf; lion’s den, whatever!

Trauma - Based on a True Story Series